LTFB-160 is a high performance true mechanical force balance accelerometer (FBA) which was conceived specifically for structural monitoring and seismology.

Thanks to the high dynamic range the LTFB 160 provides excellent data both where the seismic noise is extremely low as in environmental noise and in the presence of strong motion events.

Our standard true force balance accelerometer comes with a frequency range from 0 to 80Hz, this range is tuned specifically for structural and seismic analysis where higher frequencies are of no practical interest. A structures’ natural frequencies are typically in the order of a few Hertz.

Lunitek provides custom bandwidth extension up to 200Hz for scientists and engineers who are interested in evaluating motions at higher frequency.

LTFB-160 is available in four ranges: ± 0.5g, ± 1g, ± 2g, ± 4g.

The differential output ±20V (40Vpp) is suited for most seismic recorders on the market, Lunitek Atlas is a perfect match.

A test pin is available in order to check the health status of the sensor.

The power supply is isolated and protected against high energy power surges as are the outputs. The protection is only effective when the instrument is correctly grounded to earth.

LTFB-160 is available in monoaxial, biaxial or triaxial version.

LTFB-160 is robust and complete of bubble leveling and all the regulations needed to fit the instrument.


High dynamic range up to 160dB
Frequency range DC - 80HZ (200Hz optional)
Full scale ranges available ±0.5g, ±1g, ±2g, ±4g
High accuracy
Low self-noise
Good thermal stability
Power supply from 5V up to 40V


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